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The Hike of Doom

Yesterday I arrived in Minnesota safely and it didn’t take long for my brother, Davey, to call me up and ask when we were going to complete his “Hike of Doom.” I’ll pretty much try anything so we set off for the Interstate Park between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Shortly after we started out I learned that I had been….misinformed about the length of the “Hike of Doom” I thought that it was 2 hours but instead I learned that it would take, “less than 5 hours…..hopefully?”

My brother is Crazy Exercise Man, I’m talking 60 miles bikes rides, swimming across lakes multiple times, running for hours, totally crazy. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to last the whole time but I figured that I try. We hiked a while on the Wisconsin side, made our way over to the Minnesota side and then back to the Wisconsin side where we traipsed over pretty much every possible hiking path.

ISt. Croix River

I actually did pretty well considering that I am  not even close to being in as good of shape as Davey. I only had to stop a few times to let my heart rate settle down a bit, it got up to 195 a few times. Thankfully the day was beautiful and not too hot. We got rained on for about 20 minutes but it felt pretty nice, although it made some of the rocks slippery for a while.


Davey, Squeekor and Mona

By the time we were done we had clocked in at 4 hours and 30 minutes. After we were done we went to a gas station for water. Water never tasted so good, let me tell ya. I was definitely feeling the hike by the time I went to bed so I took an Advil before going to bed. I am not sure if that helped or not but I was relatively pain free this morning, a little stiff but for the most part  I was good.


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Elena- 9 Months

Here are some more pics from my shoot with little Elena out at Waveland. The last time I saw her was she was only 7 weeks old so she didn’t remember me at all. It took her a little bit of time to warm up to the camera but once she did it was all smiles, laughs and eating grass. She totally cracked me up, eating various flowers, grass and leaves, her attempts always thwarted by Dad.

Just Warming Up


walking with help from dad

Garden Baby

Window Baby

Nom nom nom!

Elena in the Grass

Check out the rest of the pictures here. I am leaving for Minnesota today to see my family and to attend the {Enjoy} Wedding Photography workshop in Minneapolis. I plan on getting in a photo shoot with my neice and nephew as well so check back later to see what’s up!

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Our World In Pictures-Week 3

Our latest adventure for OWIP was on self-portraiture. The kids were given a questionnaire to fill out before the lesson that asked some things about themselves:

1. What makes you unique? What is the best thing or feature about yourself?

2. What features or interests about yourself make you who you are?

3. Are you into music, sports, movies? How can you show your own individual personality and character in your photos?

Juwaun said this about himself in response:

1. My personality is my best feature.

2. My imagination and my style make me who I am.

3. Yes I am into sports and I could take a picture of me playing basketball.

After the questions were answered all of the kids went out with their mentors and directed them on how they wanted their self-portraits taken. As I am sure most of the mentors are not used to having people tell them how to take a picture, it was a lesson for them as well! Here are Juwaun’s-


Track Star

Juwaun-Self Portait

Juwaun and Co.

Juwaun didn’t mention this as one of his best features but he also has a great smile 🙂


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Engaged! Tiffany and Josh

I had an awesome time with Tiffany and Josh a few weeks ago in Frankfort. Not only did I get to hang with a really cool couple and get to know them before their October 3rd wedding but I got to experience the great character of our state capital. We started off at the Old State Capital, moved around town and then headed towards this really amazing railroad bridge. I’d like to thank whomever was responsible for drawing the chalk heart on the brick wall in the second shot below. It is one of my absolute favorite shots of the year! Click here to view the rest of the photos.

Ain't Love Grand?

I Heart You

Red Cross


By the Tracks


By The Bridge


Thanks Tiffany and Josh for a wonderful evening!

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New Arrival!

Congratulations to my friends Dana and Travis on the arrival of their little girl Lucy! I can’t wait to meet her when you come home later this year!

Dana, Travis and Lucy!

Update:  Here is one of the first pics of Lucy! Doesn’t Dana look fantastic considering all that she just went through? She might give women who’ve never been through labor the wrong impression about the whole thing! Thanks to Travis for the pic.

Dana and LucyCongrats guys!

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Sneak Peak!

I was excited to take photos of little Elena for the second time , the first time was when she was only 7 weeks old!
7 weeks

I can’t believe how big she’s gotten!

Elena Laughs

Stay tuned for more pics later this week!

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I came across these photos on Akward Family Photos. Future clients of Laurie Appleby Photography can breathe easily,  I am not planning on adding anything like this to the repertoire any time soon ever!


Hopefully they aren’t planning on joining this couple on their honeymoon! I think “awkward” sums this up pretty well!

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