Will’s First Haircut

A few weeks ago Heath and I were able to visit my family in Minnesota. It’d been about ten months since I’d been home and three years for Heath, it was good to go home.  My niece Phoenix who is almost three and nephew William, 18 months definitely changed a lot since I saw them last. Being so far away I don’t often get a chance to witness their milestones but my sister was nice enough to wait on cutting Will’s hair for the first time so that I could see it.

Will's First Haircut

Get those things away from me

Happy Camper

I’ll be going home on the 30th to attend a wedding photography workshop so I’ll have an opportunity to spend more time with my family. Looking forward to it!


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  1. Annie Reichert

    I feel really bad when i look at the picture! lol. We are thinking of doing Phoenixs hair cut when you come back but really not sure. her bangs i think are bothering her. Cant wait to see you then!

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