Our World In Pictures-Lesson One

Last week I started some volunteer work for an organization in Lexington called Our World In Pictures. The program is a photography mentor ship program that gives kids the opportunity to express themselves through photography. Our first meeting was last Thursday and we were paired up with our kids. I won’t  use names, instead I’ll call my two guys “D” and “T”.

I have to admit that I was a tad nervous going into this whole thing. I am not used to being around kids above the age of three anymore! I was filled with apprehensions like, “what are we going to talk about?” and whether or not I’d be “cool” enough. This is great experience for me though-in the fall I’ll be doing some volunteer work at UK hospital through a program called Kreative Katz, teaching art to sick kids. That in turn will help prepare me for after I get my teaching certification!

Our first lesson consisted of a scavenger hunt that was designed to get the kids looking at the community around them. They were asked to find the following; something yellow that is smaller than your hand, something orange, something shiny of the ground, crawly critters, clouds, leaves with three different shades of green, something moving on two wheels, a bird in flight, and a neighborhood dog.

Here a a few pics my guys took-





Tomorrow our second lesson is self-portraits so I am sure that there will be some interesting photos from that as well. For more information check out http://www.ourworldinpictures.org/ and the blog at www.ourworldinpictures.com/e7center


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