Weekend Update

It’s been a great weekend. On Friday night Heath and I went to see Harry Potter on Friday and ate dinner at The Pub. I love having date night with Heath at The Pub, we (almost) always leave the laptops at home and just enjoy each others company. It’s  a chance for us to reconnect after the work week and talk about whatever is on our minds. I am sure that we probably want to make some of the other bar patrons barf although I try to limit the PDA’s to hand holding and the occasional kiss.


I thought the movie was pretty good. I know that there was a lot of thing left out from the book but I am okay with that. If they were exactly the same I wouldn’t enjoy reading the books as much as I do. It will be interesting to see how they explain some of the things they left out in the 7th movie (if they do at all).

On Saturday I did a bunch of editing and went to a get together of some of the other foster parents from LHS. On Sunday we ran a bunch of errands including a trip to Half-Priced Books. Love that store. I almost never buy anything from there, I am a big fan of the public library, but it always make me happy to see people buying books. Plus since Heath is a book nut it saves us a lot of money. Tonight we went over to Andrea’s to watch the latest episode of True Blood. If you’re not already watching it  you should be, it’s awesome!

I’m looking forward to this week, I think it will be just the right amount of busy. I am almost done editing the photos from my latest wedding and then I’ll be working on the photos from my latest engagement session in Frankfort. I also get to meet with a potential new client at some point which is always fun. If all goes well it will be my first official booking for the 2010 season! Then of course on Tuesday and Thursday I’ll be working with the kids again at the East 7th Street Center. This weeks lesson-self portraits.

Have a great week everyone!


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