Our World In Pictures-Week 3

Our latest adventure for OWIP was on self-portraiture. The kids were given a questionnaire to fill out before the lesson that asked some things about themselves:

1. What makes you unique? What is the best thing or feature about yourself?

2. What features or interests about yourself make you who you are?

3. Are you into music, sports, movies? How can you show your own individual personality and character in your photos?

Juwaun said this about himself in response:

1. My personality is my best feature.

2. My imagination and my style make me who I am.

3. Yes I am into sports and I could take a picture of me playing basketball.

After the questions were answered all of the kids went out with their mentors and directed them on how they wanted their self-portraits taken. As I am sure most of the mentors are not used to having people tell them how to take a picture, it was a lesson for them as well! Here are Juwaun’s-


Track Star

Juwaun-Self Portait

Juwaun and Co.

Juwaun didn’t mention this as one of his best features but he also has a great smile 🙂



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