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More Pics from Wolf Run

Here are a few more pics from my second time shooting out at Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge. I didn’t have as much luck this time partially because the animals just weren’t as active. Also, I am trying really hard not to get the fence in the photos although that is difficult sometimes. I really just want to make the animals themselves shine. I am hoping to go out again in the next couple weeks to take some more photos. I still haven’t been able to get a good picture of the puma, the deer or the wallaby but I am determined! I will get those shots!


More Buddy

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Ashley and Andy *8.15.09*

Here are some more pics from Ashley and Andy’s wedding who were married in Frenchburg, Kentucky a few weeks ago. I had a great time second shooting for Kara Leigh that day and and exploring a new town in Kentucky.

Flower girl

Ring Bearer


Bouquet and Ring

Ewww! Mom!



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Robin and Ryan *8.8.09*

I’ll be honest with you. I cry at almost every wedding that I’ve ever attended or had the honor to photograph, I can’t help it! However, I shed more tears at this wedding than any other by far. I was very grateful for the auto focus function on my camera, especially during the speeches at the reception! The love that was shown for Robin and Ryan from family and friends and the love they gave in return was so heartfelt and genuine. They are truly blessed. I wish you both the best!



_MG_0103 copy

At the Alter


The artist at work


Where they had their first date.

Popcicle time!

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Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge

Today I had the opportunity to go out and take photos at the Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge in Nicholasville with my friend Kelly. CEO Mary Kindred met us at the refuge and explained a bit about the organization and a little about some of the animals. After that we were free to roam and take pictures as we wished.


Oh my!








Pretty Wolf

Taking pictures out there was pretty amazing but you definitely have to have patience. Animals do not pose for you!There was a few puma’s out there and one was nice enough to let me could pet it through the cage. It had the cutest meow and hearing that big old cat purr was pretty frickin’ cool. I am going back on Monday to do another photo shoot so I am hoping to get some better pictures of them. The photos that both Kelly and I take will be used to help them raise funds to help run the refuge. There is a talk of a calendar in the future so that will be great!

To read more about Wolf Run visit their website.


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Heath’s 31st Birthday

Here are a few shots of Heath’s 31st birthday was a few weeks ago. I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was enjoying my beer, my food and my friends. Plus the lighting kind of sucked. Funny how I feel guilty for not having complete photographic coverage!

IMG_1055 copy

We celebrated at our favorite local restaurant, The Pub. Heath and I are both members of the Passport Club which basically means that we drank every single beer that they have to  offers (over 50) and we are now entitled to discount beers. Actually, since I don’t really like any beer, Heath ended up drinking most of my beer as well. I’m happy with my discount Cider.

_MG_0800 copy

We just relaxed in the company of our good friends and enjoyed good food and drink. This is exactly what Heath had wanted so the night was a success!

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New Addition

First, let me say that yes, I am a sucker.  Heath and I adopted our foster kitty, Ivan. While I was in Minnesota I asked Heath to return Sookie, Satine and Ivan to LHS. I was pretty attached to Ivan and Sookie so I didn’t want to be the one to take them back, which would have resulted in my crying my eyes out at the reception desk. I just wanted to avoid the emotional trauma.

Needless to say he didn’t and so I got stuck doing it this past Friday. Fast forward through the crying in the car and the reception desk, eventually I went back and picked him back up and brought him home, drugged to the hilt from being neutered.  After a while he stopped acting like a drunken sailor and is back to wreaking havoc around the house. He’s just the way I like my kitties, a bit nutty.

Two Cuties


Inevitably I am going to get the “crazy cat lady” comments  but to those people I say that at least I’m a responsible pet owner who spays/nueters their pets and can provide food, water and proper veterinary care for my managerie. My 5 cats aren’t hurting you so  😛 to you.  And even better you don’t have to clean out the litter boxes 🙂

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Ashley and Andy *Sneak Peak*

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work with Kara Leigh as a second shooter at one of her weddings. Here are some details from the wedding.  Enjoy!

Dress detail





Stay tuned for more pictures in a few days.  As always please feel free to leave feedback!

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