{enjoy} workshop

On Wednesday, August 5th I attended the {enjoy} wedding photography workshop in Minneapolis, hosted by Erin Johnson of Erin Johnson Photography. I had heard about the workshop through her blog and since I really loved her work, and it was chance for me to visit my family again, I signed up right away.

The whole experience was better than I imagined it would be. In total there were 10 of us that attended the workshop, me being the only person from out of state. It was great meeting the other photographers, all who had a variety of experiences with wedding photography. We discussed a lot of different things throughout the day, anything from pricing to products to work process.

Learning from the master

In the afternoon Erin brought in two models that we were able to shoot for three hours in various locations around the studio building. We really only wandered about a block in any direction but the area had such great character that we were able to get a lot of variety in the shots. I know that I could have shot them for a few hours by myself but I had to be  a good girl and share 🙂  I did feel kind of bad for the models. There were 10 of us vying for their attention, asking them to look in a million different directions at 10 different cameras all while asking them to pose this way and that. Thankfully they were good sports.


Bride, Groom and Graffitti

Yay for graffitti!



Those Eyes

Orange Door



Love is a Ride


I definitely learned a lot while I was there and I look forward to taking what I learned and making things even better for my clients and business. Check back often to see what’s new! Also, please feel free to leave feedback on the photos, I like to hear what you think!



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2 responses to “{enjoy} workshop

  1. Mel Roberts

    Some of these are really original, and all of course, very cool =] Good job mate!

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