Last Monday I had a little family bonding time with my mom, aunt and my sister. Instead of shopping or going out to lunch or something like that we all went and got tattoos! There is a great tattoo shop near my parents house called Happily Ever After in Harris, Minnesota.  They have a great reputation in the area and I know people who had gotten their tats done there in the past, they had nothing but rave reviews.

When it came time for my mom’s turn in the chair she almost chickened out but then I reminded her of what we had talked about earlier: If she could go through natural child birth with my brother, who weighed in at 11 pounds, 7 ounces, then she could get a tattoo. By the way, she would KILL me if she knew of these photos. Shh!!

Am I really doing this?

In the Chair

My mom is 25% Cherokee Indian so she wanted something to remind her of her Native American heritage. The tattoo that my mom decided to get is the symbol of her Cherokee tribe in Alabama. In the final design the star represents the Cherokee that died on the Trail of Tears.



I did it!

My sister wanted to get a tattoo with her kids names on it. The Chinese symbol in the middle means “mother”.

Annie's turn!

Annie's Tat

My aunt decided to get  a turtle becuse it was her spirit animal. The red, white and black colors are significant to the celtic religion and the Star of David is to represent the Jewish person that my aunt believes that she was in a past life.

In Process

Celtice Jewish Turtle

I’ve actually have wanted another tattoo for quite a while now but I wasn’t going to get one until I knew exactly what I wanted. I knew that I wanted to design it myself and that I wanted it to have a special meaning to me. Here is what I designed:


And here it is after it was finished:

Almost healed!

I’ve tried to live my life without any regrets and so far I’ve been successful, this tattoo is just something that I can see on  daily basis to remind myself of how lucky I am in so many areas of my life.




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3 responses to “Tattoo!

  1. Meredith

    What a truly cool experience! I’m not much for a tattoo on myself, but I love the bonding experience so many people have about the people they get tattos with or the meaning of their tattoos. I wish you’d gotten a better shot of your aunt’s tattoo…I couldn’t quite get a picture of it.

  2. Meredith

    Oh and it is super cool…it looks like a very happy, dancing turtle!

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