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St. Louis: The Arch

Hubby and I are back from St. Louis now. It was such a great trip! I’ve got a lot to share so I thought I’d break it up into different posts over the next few days. The first thing we did after checking into our hotel was walk a few blocks to go see the Arch. It was my first time seeing it in person and it was WAY cooler than I thought it would be, kind of like when I went to see Mt. Rushmore and thought that was pretty awesome too. I guess I have a thing for national monuments!

Full View

We did go up inside of it but I didn’t really get any photos that I liked out of it. From the outside though I felt as though I could have taken photos all day long. The way the light played off of the steel and changed from every different vantage point made it fascinating to me.

Arch 1

Arch 2

Arch 3

Arch 4

Up next, our trip to City Museum which was totally awesome and CRAZY!!


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Meet Me in St. Louis

Heath and I are officially in St. Louis! It’s been a long day of with lots of driving, Arch viewing and a gallery opening. I am off to bed now but check back in a few days for more pics. Have a great weekend!

The Arch

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My First Wedding

It was October 4th, 2003 and I hadn’t even been in Kentucky for a year at this point. Heath and I went to his cousin Jamie’s wedding at her father’s house in Irving, Kentucky. I was armed with my very first ever digital camera, a Sony with only 4 mp. I felt compelled to take photos that day and it was just the beginning of my love of wedding photography. Can you tell that I was obsessed with the sepia setting on the camera? Lol.



Down the Aisle

Hold On To Your Hats!

I Do




Going for the Garter

Sexy CakeHeath!

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Today I went with my friend Kelly to get her first tattoo!



In Process

The Artist At Work

Her tattoo is Hebrew meaning “to create” and, as all tattoos should be, is very personal and meaningful to her.


Artist: Jay Rush at Bleed Blue Tattoo. If you’re interested you can attend the 5th Annual Greater Kentucky Tattoo and Piercing Expo this weekend at the Kentucky Convention Center.

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Here is the invite to the show that one of my fiber pieces got into. The show is taking place in St. Louis, Missouri and it’s my first national show! Click here if you want to see the program for the show. Heath and I will be heading there for the reception on Friday and to explore the city the rest of the weekend. It will be the first visit to the city for both of us and I am exited that we’ll get to experience it together, not to mention that it will be one great big photo opp!


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New Foster Kittens

I just wanted to post a picture of our newest foster kittens. That’s Sasha in the front and Tabitha in the back. This weekend looks to be another one filled with home improvement and making art. I’ll post some pics if anything interesting happens. Enjoy your weekend!

Sasha and Tabby

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Christia and Kris *The Reception*

Christia and Kris were married on a Thursday and then had their reception at the Lansdowne Signature Club the following Saturday. It was my first time shooting at that location and I absolutely loved it!


First Dance


There was a photobooth available for the guests to take photos as well. The photos were placed in a book and the guests wrote a special message to Christia and Kris, a great alternative to the traditional guest book.

Guest Book

Everyone had a lot of fun with the photo booth!

In the Booth

Perfect for all ages!


I even hopped in towards the end of the night to join the fun!

Photo Strip

If you’ve been thinking about renting a photo booth for your reception check out Snapshot. Photo Booth Rentals.

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