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In No Particular Order

Here are some of my favorite images of 2009.

The first two are from Lori and Bryan’s wedding shoot from the last post. First of all, I am totally in love with this mural by Waseem Touma, I just love it’s colors and lines. For this shot there just happened to be a pile of leaves there and I asked Lori and Bryan to just  start tossing them at each other. Lori was really into it and I just love the huge smile on her face as she whips the leaves unexpectedly into Bryan’s face.

For this shot we were very near to Gratz Park. We ran into 3 other photographers in the area who were with other couples and it was no wonder, the lighting was so perfect. Again, Lori looks so happy!

This shot was near the end of my 1-year photo shoot with Elena. I think she was trying to tell us that she’d have enough of the camera and that she was ready to go home.

Chelsea and Ben’s engagement session. Ben dipped Chelsea and they both came up laughing. It was great.

From Christia and Kris’s wedding. It’s great when a couple is so oblivious to everything else and they are in their own little world.

From Ashley and Andy’s wedding where I was a second shooter for Kara Leigh, A great exit photo.

From Robin and Ryan’s wedding. During dinner I caught this bridesmaid with her husband being so very sweet. One of my favorite moments of the day, I was so so glad that I was able to catch this moment without them noticing the camera.

From Tara and Ron’s wedding. I was on stage with the DJ taking pics of the crowd when I got this shot. The lights from the DJ’s booth helped illuminate them as they danced and created the cool red color.

Another from Robin and Ryan’s wedding. Getting back to the hotel room 2 hours late from her hair appointment to get ready for her wedding didn’t stress Robin out as she laughs amongst all the hustle and bustle in her room. I think this was probably the most people I’ve ever seen in a single room. There are about 6 others outside the frame of this photo, not including myself. Everyone was great and I found myself really wanting to hang out with them after the wedding.

In August I flew up to Minneapolis to attend the {enjoy} wedding photography workshop. Erin Johnson, the photographer, brought in a couple for all of the attendees to photograph in the afternoon. I want this orange door for my house!

Although people have said to me that they think this is a little creepy I just love this photo from Tiffany and Josh’s engagement session in downtown Frankfort.

One from my personal collection. Being so far away from my family, I pretty much miss all of the major events in my neice and nephews life. For Will’s first haircut my sister waited until I was home for a visit. The deed is almost done in this picture but you can see that Will still isn’t to keen on the scissors in my sister-in-laws hands.

2010 looks to be another exiting year. I look forward to sharing it with you!


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Lori and Bryan

Here are a few more pictures from Lori and Bryan’s photo shoot this past October. Lori and Bryan were married in Las Vegas but asked me to take some family portraits and some informal portraits of them in their wedding gear. I know this is a little belated but now that the holidays are pretty much over things should get pretty much back to normal in blog land. I hope everyone out there has a very safe and happy new year!

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New Kitties!

I picked up another set of foster kittens this past week. It’s pretty much the end of kitten season but when I went to visit Rusty at the shelter I asked and they just happened to have a couple. They are two little boys but I don’t have names picked out yet. Usually I wait until a name pops out at me, that really fits the kitten. Until then I’ve just been calling them “Littl’in”, which was also my grandpa’s nickname for me as a kid, and “Not So Little’in” The vet tech at LHS said that we’d probably only have to keep them for a few weeks but I am thinking it will be over a month. Littl’in probably weighs just barely over a pound and they have to be 2.5 pounds for their surgery.

Oliver sniffs out his competition

Not So Littl’in

Ivan stares down Littl’in

It was my first weekend after the end of the semester and I tried to be as lazy as possible but I just don’t think it’s in my DNA. We spent yesterday afternoon tearing up the rest of the carpet in the basement along with all of the tack strips in preparation for the Pergo as well as getting everything ready to be painted.  I did get to have lots of fun though. We had our annual Christmas party on Friday and last night we went to a friends graduation party. I haven’t played Pictionary or stayed up until 4am for a long time!

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Cora is two!

This morning I had a quickie portrait session with little Cora who recently turned 2. I”ll post more photos after Tuesday when I am DONE for the semester!

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Today’s Home For The Pawlidays Pet is Frankie. I just love when kitties stick out their tongues like that.

Raise your hands, raise your hands (or paws) if your sure!

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In the Herald-Leader!

Here is a link to the article and the spread in the paper:

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Our Latest House Guest

Meet Rusty! He was found in the Target parking lot and brought home to get out of the cold. He had a nasty bump on his back that turned out to be an abscess but after a trip to the vet and some meds he was back to normal. If I didn’t have 5 cats already he would definitely be a keeper but instead I’ll be taking him to LHS in a few days so that he can find his forever home. It was nice having him around for a little bit though, he’s super sweet and cuddly and he and Ivan enjoyed wrestling about the house and causing general chaos.


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