Our Latest House Guest

Meet Rusty! He was found in the Target parking lot and brought home to get out of the cold. He had a nasty bump on his back that turned out to be an abscess but after a trip to the vet and some meds he was back to normal. If I didn’t have 5 cats already he would definitely be a keeper but instead I’ll be taking him to LHS in a few days so that he can find his forever home. It was nice having him around for a little bit though, he’s super sweet and cuddly and he and Ivan enjoyed wrestling about the house and causing general chaos.



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2 responses to “Our Latest House Guest

  1. awww…so cute 🙂

    how are you doing this holiday season?

    • Hi Stephanie!
      I am crazy busy right now with the end of this semester rapidly approaching. I am looking forward to a little down time soon! If you want to get coffee or lunch sometime let me know!

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