So exited!

About a month ago I was contacted by wedding photographer Will Hancock of Royal Aperture Photography which operates out of West Virginia. Will is going to be doing a wedding here in Lexington at the end of the month, and while his wife usually shoots with him, this time she is IN the wedding party and won’t be able to. That is where I come in. I’ll be acting in Catrina’s place while she fulfills her bridesmaid duties. I met Will and Catrina last week and we got along just swimmingly. I am very exited to be working with them, they have a lot of passion for what they do and it’s always fun to see how people work differently in a similar situation.

As a bonus I’ll also be shooting somewhere I’ve never shot before. The shots of the bride getting ready as well as the portraits of the bride and groom will be shot at….wait for it…Castle Post on Versailles Road! I am thrilled to be able to shoot here! The wedding is in 10 days and then I can’t share any images until the bride and groom get to see them so I suppose I should have waited to share but I am SO exited!!


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