My solo B.F.A. show, entitled Cellula, took place on April 16 at the Actor’s Guild of Lexington on Manchester Street next to Buster’s. Honestly I never thought that I would get there but thankfully things all came together and I felt like I made work that fun and upbeat and most of all, true to myself. For the food I really didn’t want to have the usual art school show fare so I decided to go with an all dessert spread. I made some of the goodies  as did my aunt. I ordered some awesome cookies from The Bonbonnerie (pictured below) that were made to look like my work and some lollipop on a stick gloriousness from Tinker’s Cakeshop here in Lexington.

The month and especially the days leading up to the show were pretty stressful but in the end everything turned out way, way better than I ever imagined. My family was there to see my work for the first time and I had a ton of friends come out to support me as well as fellow classmates and professors. People liked my work (and the dessert spread) and I sold about 60% of what I had made.

Thanks to my friend Kelly for taking photos while everything was going on.

Me and my love

Yummy custom cookies from The Bonbonnerie in Cincinnati. They have great wedding cakes t00!

Some details shots of my ceramic work:

And of course, the other highlight of my last few months-graduation. I finally graduated on May 8 after 9.5 years of college. I did it! Can you tell I was exited?

What was not captured on CF was the high-five that I accepted from President Lee Todd. My name was called, I put up my arms in a cheer, the crowd cheered with me and when I walked across stage to shake Todd’s hand he met me with a hand up in the air waiting for me. I couldn’t leave him hanging, now could I? It was pretty cool. Also not captured was me crying my eyes out after I accepted my faux diploma and a hug from the chairman of the art department. Right after that you were supposed to get your portrait taken but I was such a mess! Thankfully my friend Angie stepped in and gave me a hug so we are in the picture together. I’m pretty sure that I was the only person who cried at my graduation but I was so thrilled, happy and exited that I just couldn’t help it!

Ack. I know that I’ve been a bad blogger. It’s been almost a month! (Slaps hand) Bad blogger!  Oh well, please forgive me. I promise to be more consistent from here on out. I have a couple of weddings to blog and I’m heading to Florida on vacation soon so I will definitely have pics to share.


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