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Cool New Site

I randomly came across this site today, so cool! Check out Rock ‘N Role Bride!

Also, stay tuned for a special announcement in the next few days. I am really exited about it!


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New Addition

First, let me say that yes, I am a sucker.  Heath and I adopted our foster kitty, Ivan. While I was in Minnesota I asked Heath to return Sookie, Satine and Ivan to LHS. I was pretty attached to Ivan and Sookie so I didn’t want to be the one to take them back, which would have resulted in my crying my eyes out at the reception desk. I just wanted to avoid the emotional trauma.

Needless to say he didn’t and so I got stuck doing it this past Friday. Fast forward through the crying in the car and the reception desk, eventually I went back and picked him back up and brought him home, drugged to the hilt from being neutered.  After a while he stopped acting like a drunken sailor and is back to wreaking havoc around the house. He’s just the way I like my kitties, a bit nutty.

Two Cuties


Inevitably I am going to get the “crazy cat lady” comments  but to those people I say that at least I’m a responsible pet owner who spays/nueters their pets and can provide food, water and proper veterinary care for my managerie. My 5 cats aren’t hurting you so  😛 to you.  And even better you don’t have to clean out the litter boxes 🙂

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I was accepted into my first national show in St. Louis, Missouri! I’m so exited! I have to ship it to St. Louis in a few weeks but I am hoping that I can actually go out to St. Louis for the opening. It’s a great excuse to go to a city I’ve never been to. Thankfully it is in September when I don’t have much going on as far as wedding and portraits go.

Fiber III

Mandalas, Wool and Industrial Felt


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New Arrival!

Congratulations to my friends Dana and Travis on the arrival of their little girl Lucy! I can’t wait to meet her when you come home later this year!

Dana, Travis and Lucy!

Update:  Here is one of the first pics of Lucy! Doesn’t Dana look fantastic considering all that she just went through? She might give women who’ve never been through labor the wrong impression about the whole thing! Thanks to Travis for the pic.

Dana and LucyCongrats guys!

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