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Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween this year! Heath and I always celebrate Halloween together with the rest of our friends at a big party. Thanks Andrea for hosting, again! Heath abandoned his Superman Dressed Up as Chuck Norris costume idea and instead dreamed up this super creepy sadistic clown costume. I am not a huge fan of totally hate clowns. They creep the hell out of me! Before he was even in costume Heath was walking around the house  making faces and laughing creepily. I told him to stop. No seriously. STOP!

Creepy Clown


After the costume I ordered off of eBay turned into an EPIC fail I only had a few days to whip together a safe costume choice of a child of the 80’s. Can you believe it? Hardly anyone carries crimpers anymore? Thankfully Sally’s does! Also, thanks to the movie Fame I had no problem procuring leg warmers and hand fish-netty things. The lime green/hot pink/orange Chucks I was wearing were already part of my collection!

Heath and I


Another highlight of the weekend was spending time with our good friends Dana and Travis and their new little one, Lucy! She was such a little sweetie! I can’t wait to get my camera on her when she moves back home in July!


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