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I hope everyone out there had a good V-day! Heath and I aren’t active participators in the Valentine’s Day tradition, we are mushy gushy in love every day of the year! Just kidding, at least about the mushy, gushy part. Heath and I are constantly telling each other, “I love you”, were just not overly romantic. We try to have a date night every week just so we can reconnect after a busy week. Friday night we went out to the Pub and then went to see The Wolfman. I hadn’t seen the original version so I don’t have anything to compare it to but I thought it was pretty good.

I was pretty exited on Valentine’s Day about getting to participate in Love in Lex to benefit the Step by Step. Heath and I were able to get our portrait taken by the wonderful and lovely Morgan Day.

This is our first nice pictures together since we got married! Since I enjoy taking pictures of happy couples you’d think that perhaps there would be more pictures of  us together but that would mean one thing-that I would have to be in front of the camera, someplace I’m not actually all that comfortable. Morgan could attest to this as I completely broke out into a fit of giggles after we sat on the Vespa.

I hope that everyone had a nice, relaxing day with their loved ones, no matter how you celebrated. Don’t forget about the *free* wedding photography contest. The February 28th deadline is fast approaching! And, if you get a chance check out this cool wedding site!


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Lazy Sunday

I think Ivan has the right idea. Happy Sunday everyone!

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Snow Fun

Although I generally keep my kitties indoors every once in a while I take them outside to let them experience the outdoors. I couldn’t help but let Oliver and Boo outside today to see how they’d react to the snow. Oliver was NOT a big fan, he was back up on the steps pawing at the door in about thirty seconds.

Surprisingly Boo actually seemed to enjoy it for a little while………

but then decided she wanted to go inside after all.  After she inspected the shovel, of course.

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My First Wedding

It was October 4th, 2003 and I hadn’t even been in Kentucky for a year at this point. Heath and I went to his cousin Jamie’s wedding at her father’s house in Irving, Kentucky. I was armed with my very first ever digital camera, a Sony with only 4 mp. I felt compelled to take photos that day and it was just the beginning of my love of wedding photography. Can you tell that I was obsessed with the sepia setting on the camera? Lol.



Down the Aisle

Hold On To Your Hats!

I Do




Going for the Garter

Sexy CakeHeath!

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Heath’s 31st Birthday

Here are a few shots of Heath’s 31st birthday was a few weeks ago. I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was enjoying my beer, my food and my friends. Plus the lighting kind of sucked. Funny how I feel guilty for not having complete photographic coverage!

IMG_1055 copy

We celebrated at our favorite local restaurant, The Pub. Heath and I are both members of the Passport Club which basically means that we drank every single beer that they have to  offers (over 50) and we are now entitled to discount beers. Actually, since I don’t really like any beer, Heath ended up drinking most of my beer as well. I’m happy with my discount Cider.

_MG_0800 copy

We just relaxed in the company of our good friends and enjoyed good food and drink. This is exactly what Heath had wanted so the night was a success!

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New Addition

First, let me say that yes, I am a sucker.  Heath and I adopted our foster kitty, Ivan. While I was in Minnesota I asked Heath to return Sookie, Satine and Ivan to LHS. I was pretty attached to Ivan and Sookie so I didn’t want to be the one to take them back, which would have resulted in my crying my eyes out at the reception desk. I just wanted to avoid the emotional trauma.

Needless to say he didn’t and so I got stuck doing it this past Friday. Fast forward through the crying in the car and the reception desk, eventually I went back and picked him back up and brought him home, drugged to the hilt from being neutered.  After a while he stopped acting like a drunken sailor and is back to wreaking havoc around the house. He’s just the way I like my kitties, a bit nutty.

Two Cuties


Inevitably I am going to get the “crazy cat lady” comments  but to those people I say that at least I’m a responsible pet owner who spays/nueters their pets and can provide food, water and proper veterinary care for my managerie. My 5 cats aren’t hurting you so  😛 to you.  And even better you don’t have to clean out the litter boxes 🙂

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Last Monday I had a little family bonding time with my mom, aunt and my sister. Instead of shopping or going out to lunch or something like that we all went and got tattoos! There is a great tattoo shop near my parents house called Happily Ever After in Harris, Minnesota.  They have a great reputation in the area and I know people who had gotten their tats done there in the past, they had nothing but rave reviews.

When it came time for my mom’s turn in the chair she almost chickened out but then I reminded her of what we had talked about earlier: If she could go through natural child birth with my brother, who weighed in at 11 pounds, 7 ounces, then she could get a tattoo. By the way, she would KILL me if she knew of these photos. Shh!!

Am I really doing this?

In the Chair

My mom is 25% Cherokee Indian so she wanted something to remind her of her Native American heritage. The tattoo that my mom decided to get is the symbol of her Cherokee tribe in Alabama. In the final design the star represents the Cherokee that died on the Trail of Tears.



I did it!

My sister wanted to get a tattoo with her kids names on it. The Chinese symbol in the middle means “mother”.

Annie's turn!

Annie's Tat

My aunt decided to get  a turtle becuse it was her spirit animal. The red, white and black colors are significant to the celtic religion and the Star of David is to represent the Jewish person that my aunt believes that she was in a past life.

In Process

Celtice Jewish Turtle

I’ve actually have wanted another tattoo for quite a while now but I wasn’t going to get one until I knew exactly what I wanted. I knew that I wanted to design it myself and that I wanted it to have a special meaning to me. Here is what I designed:


And here it is after it was finished:

Almost healed!

I’ve tried to live my life without any regrets and so far I’ve been successful, this tattoo is just something that I can see on  daily basis to remind myself of how lucky I am in so many areas of my life.



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