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New Kitties!

I picked up another set of foster kittens this past week. It’s pretty much the end of kitten season but when I went to visit Rusty at the shelter I asked and they just happened to have a couple. They are two little boys but I don’t have names picked out yet. Usually I wait until a name pops out at me, that really fits the kitten. Until then I’ve just been calling them “Littl’in”, which was also my grandpa’s nickname for me as a kid, and “Not So Little’in” The vet tech at LHS said that we’d probably only have to keep them for a few weeks but I am thinking it will be over a month. Littl’in probably weighs just barely over a pound and they have to be 2.5 pounds for their surgery.

Oliver sniffs out his competition

Not So Littl’in

Ivan stares down Littl’in

It was my first weekend after the end of the semester and I tried to be as lazy as possible but I just don’t think it’s in my DNA. We spent yesterday afternoon tearing up the rest of the carpet in the basement along with all of the tack strips in preparation for the Pergo as well as getting everything ready to be painted.  I did get to have lots of fun though. We had our annual Christmas party on Friday and last night we went to a friends graduation party. I haven’t played Pictionary or stayed up until 4am for a long time!

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