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New Kitties!

I picked up another set of foster kittens this past week. It’s pretty much the end of kitten season but when I went to visit Rusty at the shelter I asked and they just happened to have a couple. They are two little boys but I don’t have names picked out yet. Usually I wait until a name pops out at me, that really fits the kitten. Until then I’ve just been calling them “Littl’in”, which was also my grandpa’s nickname for me as a kid, and “Not So Little’in” The vet tech at LHS said that we’d probably only have to keep them for a few weeks but I am thinking it will be over a month. Littl’in probably weighs just barely over a pound and they have to be 2.5 pounds for their surgery.

Oliver sniffs out his competition

Not So Littl’in

Ivan stares down Littl’in

It was my first weekend after the end of the semester and I tried to be as lazy as possible but I just don’t think it’s in my DNA. We spent yesterday afternoon tearing up the rest of the carpet in the basement along with all of the tack strips in preparation for the Pergo as well as getting everything ready to be painted.  I did get to have lots of fun though. We had our annual Christmas party on Friday and last night we went to a friends graduation party. I haven’t played Pictionary or stayed up until 4am for a long time!

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Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge

Today I had the opportunity to go out and take photos at the Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge in Nicholasville with my friend Kelly. CEO Mary Kindred met us at the refuge and explained a bit about the organization and a little about some of the animals. After that we were free to roam and take pictures as we wished.


Oh my!








Pretty Wolf

Taking pictures out there was pretty amazing but you definitely have to have patience. Animals do not pose for you!There was a few puma’s out there and one was nice enough to let me could pet it through the cage. It had the cutest meow and hearing that big old cat purr was pretty frickin’ cool. I am going back on Monday to do another photo shoot so I am hoping to get some better pictures of them. The photos that both Kelly and I take will be used to help them raise funds to help run the refuge. There is a talk of a calendar in the future so that will be great!

To read more about Wolf Run visit their website.


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Heath’s 31st Birthday

Here are a few shots of Heath’s 31st birthday was a few weeks ago. I’ll be honest with you. I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was enjoying my beer, my food and my friends. Plus the lighting kind of sucked. Funny how I feel guilty for not having complete photographic coverage!

IMG_1055 copy

We celebrated at our favorite local restaurant, The Pub. Heath and I are both members of the Passport Club which basically means that we drank every single beer that they have to  offers (over 50) and we are now entitled to discount beers. Actually, since I don’t really like any beer, Heath ended up drinking most of my beer as well. I’m happy with my discount Cider.

_MG_0800 copy

We just relaxed in the company of our good friends and enjoyed good food and drink. This is exactly what Heath had wanted so the night was a success!

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Busy Weekend!

I’ve been a bit under the weather for the past few days but no time to rest, this weekend is going to be crazy busy! I have a wedding tomorrow morning out at Raven Run which promises to be pretty awesome. After that it’s off to the Pub for Heath’s 31st Birthday party with friends, and last but not least on Sunday I have a baby shower for three friends who are all giving birth in the next month or so.

Stay tuned for lots of pics coming up!

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Weekend Update

It’s been a great weekend. On Friday night Heath and I went to see Harry Potter on Friday and ate dinner at The Pub. I love having date night with Heath at The Pub, we (almost) always leave the laptops at home and just enjoy each others company. It’s  a chance for us to reconnect after the work week and talk about whatever is on our minds. I am sure that we probably want to make some of the other bar patrons barf although I try to limit the PDA’s to hand holding and the occasional kiss.


I thought the movie was pretty good. I know that there was a lot of thing left out from the book but I am okay with that. If they were exactly the same I wouldn’t enjoy reading the books as much as I do. It will be interesting to see how they explain some of the things they left out in the 7th movie (if they do at all).

On Saturday I did a bunch of editing and went to a get together of some of the other foster parents from LHS. On Sunday we ran a bunch of errands including a trip to Half-Priced Books. Love that store. I almost never buy anything from there, I am a big fan of the public library, but it always make me happy to see people buying books. Plus since Heath is a book nut it saves us a lot of money. Tonight we went over to Andrea’s to watch the latest episode of True Blood. If you’re not already watching it  you should be, it’s awesome!

I’m looking forward to this week, I think it will be just the right amount of busy. I am almost done editing the photos from my latest wedding and then I’ll be working on the photos from my latest engagement session in Frankfort. I also get to meet with a potential new client at some point which is always fun. If all goes well it will be my first official booking for the 2010 season! Then of course on Tuesday and Thursday I’ll be working with the kids again at the East 7th Street Center. This weeks lesson-self portraits.

Have a great week everyone!

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