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Christia and Kris *The Ceremony*

Christia and Kris were married on August 20th in a small ceremony at Portofino’s in downtown Lexington. Their reception was a few days later. I’ll be posting those in a few days so for now enjoy these shots from their ceremony!


CuteĀ personalized M&M’s!


After the ceremony everyone sat down and enjoyed a fabulous meal from Portofino’s. If you’ve never been then you should definitely go if you have the chance. It can be a little pricey so it’s a special occasion place.

Ice Server

What a perfect ice scoop for a wedding!

In The Park

For pictures we went to a few places downtown near Portofino’s. First we hit up Thoroughbred Park….


and then this mural by Waseem Touma. I’ve been dying to get some photos with it for a long time!

Stopping Traffic

Put on a wedding dress and you can pretty much get away with anything!

Fire Hydrant

I try to incorporate personal places or items in a couple’s photos. Kris is a firefighter so this fire hydrant was perfect. As we were taking the shots by the hydrant he tried explaining the meanings of the different colors. Check that out here if you’re interested and don’t forget to check back in a few days for the reception pics!


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More Pics from Wolf Run

Here are a few more pics from my second time shooting out at Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge. I didn’t have as much luck this time partially because the animals just weren’t as active. Also, I am trying really hard not to get the fence in the photos although that is difficult sometimes. I really just want to make the animals themselves shine. I am hoping to go out again in the next couple weeks to take some more photos. I still haven’t been able to get a good picture of the puma, the deer or the wallaby but I am determined! I will get those shots!


More Buddy

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