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I was mentioned in the Louisville Courier-Journal, along with a few other Kentucky artists, about our appearance in the Fiber Focus 2009 show in St. Louis. Sure, it’s just my name (and they spelled it wrong), but it’s a start! Here are some pics from the show that I should have posted a while ago.

Gallery View

There was a good turn out!

Hopefully Pointing is a good thing

My piece. Hopefully pointing is a good thing!

Collecting his award

My Professor, Arturo Alonzo Sandoval, receiving the Best in Show award!

Best in Show! Blurry pic of Arturo, happy about his new honor.

I also found a bit after that fact that one of my photos that I had taken during the Our World In Pictures workshop this past summer appeared in the Lexington Herald Leader!

Hopefully this is just the beginning of lots of published work in the future!


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Today was our first discussion about the kids work from the previous two adventures, the scavenger hunt and Tuesday’s lesson on perspective. It was a laid back kind of critique aimed at showing the kids their images for the first time and being very encouraging of the work they did. We tried to get the kids talking as much as possible, asking a lot of open ended questions about their experiences those days. Here are the images from my mentee, Juwaun.

Scavenger hunt photos:






Perspective photos:

Perspective 2

Perspective 3

perspective 4


To see some pictures from the other kids involved visit the official OWIP blog at http://www.ourworldinpictures.com/e7center/ Next weeks lesson is on self-portraiture. Having seen many different examples of self-portraiture in school I think it will be interesting to see how the kids interpret that assignment. Check back to see the pictures!

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Our World In Pictures-Lesson One

Last week I started some volunteer work for an organization in Lexington called Our World In Pictures. The program is a photography mentor ship program that gives kids the opportunity to express themselves through photography. Our first meeting was last Thursday and we were paired up with our kids. I won’t  use names, instead I’ll call my two guys “D” and “T”.

I have to admit that I was a tad nervous going into this whole thing. I am not used to being around kids above the age of three anymore! I was filled with apprehensions like, “what are we going to talk about?” and whether or not I’d be “cool” enough. This is great experience for me though-in the fall I’ll be doing some volunteer work at UK hospital through a program called Kreative Katz, teaching art to sick kids. That in turn will help prepare me for after I get my teaching certification!

Our first lesson consisted of a scavenger hunt that was designed to get the kids looking at the community around them. They were asked to find the following; something yellow that is smaller than your hand, something orange, something shiny of the ground, crawly critters, clouds, leaves with three different shades of green, something moving on two wheels, a bird in flight, and a neighborhood dog.

Here a a few pics my guys took-





Tomorrow our second lesson is self-portraits so I am sure that there will be some interesting photos from that as well. For more information check out http://www.ourworldinpictures.org/ and the blog at www.ourworldinpictures.com/e7center

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