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Last night I had my first Roller Derby practice! Unfortunately I couldn’t skate because I was unable to find a pair of wrist braces (bummer) but I was able to watch with other newbies and get a feel for how the practices work. They started off by doing some falling drills including one called a rock start, which actually looked kind of cool. After that the more experienced skaters did a few jams while newer players continued the falling drills and I sat with a few others on the sidelines and took it all in.

Round and Round

The practice was filled with lots of thrills and spills, although nothing bad enough to deter me from coming back to the next practice. As I sat there watching them I can’t imagine myself having mad skating skills like that, but you never really know what you are capable of if you don’t try, right?  One thing I do know for sure is that I need to make squats, lunges and leg presses a major part of my non-existant exercise repertoire. The quads are most definitely going to be getting a workout!


I brought my point and shoot with me but I really couldn’t get any good shots, not enough light, as soon as I get my 50mm lens back from Canon I will try and get some better shots 🙂  I went to Dicks in Hamburg today and got the gear that I need so Saturday I’ll be ready to roll! If you are interested in joining the league check out the website for more info. Don’t worry about having to get on skates right away, they actually recommend that you sit through 5 practices first to see if you think it’s right for you. I will be learning skating basics, stopping and the right way to fall before I even think of getting on the track!


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