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St. Louis: The Arch

Hubby and I are back from St. Louis now. It was such a great trip! I’ve got a lot to share so I thought I’d break it up into different posts over the next few days. The first thing we did after checking into our hotel was walk a few blocks to go see the Arch. It was my first time seeing it in person and it was WAY cooler than I thought it would be, kind of like when I went to see Mt. Rushmore and thought that was pretty awesome too. I guess I have a thing for national monuments!

Full View

We did go up inside of it but I didn’t really get any photos that I liked out of it. From the outside though I felt as though I could have taken photos all day long. The way the light played off of the steel and changed from every different vantage point made it fascinating to me.

Arch 1

Arch 2

Arch 3

Arch 4

Up next, our trip to City Museum which was totally awesome and CRAZY!!


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Ashley and Andy *Sneak Peak*

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work with Kara Leigh as a second shooter at one of her weddings. Here are some details from the wedding.  Enjoy!

Dress detail





Stay tuned for more pictures in a few days.  As always please feel free to leave feedback!

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Robin and Ryan *Sneak Peak*

Congratulations to Robin and Ryan who were married last weekend! I’ll always remember their anniversary because it also happens to be Heath’s birthday! Here is a peak at a few images from their day. I’ll be posting more later so check back!

Getting Ready

Cute Couple



A Sweet Moment

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{enjoy} Workshop Sneak Peak

My main reason for going home this past week was to attend the {enjoy} wedding photography workshop hosted by Minneapolis photographer extraordinaire Erin Johnson. I’ll be talking more about it later but I wanted to share one of my images from our shoot that day. It was a fabulous experience and I am looking forward to implementing the things that I learned.



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Sneak Peak!

I was excited to take photos of little Elena for the second time , the first time was when she was only 7 weeks old!
7 weeks

I can’t believe how big she’s gotten!

Elena Laughs

Stay tuned for more pics later this week!

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