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St. Louis: City Museum

On our second day in St. Louis we went to City Museum. From looking at the website I thought that it would be a pretty cool place to go but when we actually got there, well, it was better than I ever could have imagined!  This is what greeted us when we walked up to the building, an old shoe factory:

Entrance to City Museum

After we bought our ticket we came across this weird kind of under-the-sea area. There were caves and holes to climb in, on, through, over, around and under. It seemed never ending!

Under the Crazy Sea

A view from the caves below to the top. The spirals are slides that start from the 7th floor and go all the way down to the first! It was pretty fun sliding down it, making the climb up totally worth it.

Seven Story Slide

This is the stairs going from the first floor to the second. They were painted fun colors and they turned and made noises as you spun them.


If you didn’t want to take the stairs from the second level to the bottom you could take the monster slide!

Monster Slide

On the second floor they had all sorts of interesting thing. Architectural antiques:


A ginormous pencil:


A crazy bar with all sorts of crazy carnival decorations where Heath enjoyed a beer:

Beer Bumper Car

A shoelace factory:


A gigantic bug collection:


Some of the walls were completely covered in metal press plates:

Press Wall

Outside there was a huge metal jungle gym area with two planes and a ton of metal bridges and towers to climb. It rained for a few hours and was closed down. It didn’t open again until it stopped raining and the employees went through with massive squeegees to remove the water.

Jungle Gym

If you are ever in St. Louis you should definitely check this place out, it was totally awesome! ┬áHeath and I were there for half the day and we didn’t even get to go to the roof area, which has a vintage ferris wheel. I would definitely plan for a whole day. And wear pants! Climbing around on the metal could definitely be a little painful of bare knees.


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St. Louis: The Arch

Hubby and I are back from St. Louis now. It was such a great trip! I’ve got a lot to share so I thought I’d break it up into different posts over the next few days. The first thing we did after checking into our hotel was walk a few blocks to go see the Arch. It was my first time seeing it in person and it was WAY cooler than I thought it would be, kind of like when I went to see Mt. Rushmore and thought that was pretty awesome too. I guess I have a thing for national monuments!

Full View

We did go up inside of it but I didn’t really get any photos that I liked out of it. From the outside though I felt as though I could have taken photos all day long. The way the light played off of the steel and changed from every different vantage point made it fascinating to me.

Arch 1

Arch 2

Arch 3

Arch 4

Up next, our trip to City Museum which was totally awesome and CRAZY!!

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Meet Me in St. Louis

Heath and I are officially in St. Louis! It’s been a long day of with lots of driving, Arch viewing and a gallery opening. I am off to bed now but check back in a few days for more pics. Have a great weekend!

The Arch

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