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In the Herald-Leader!

Here is a link to the article and the spread in the paper:


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And I don’t mean cold, although it is getting there. This time I mean Chili, the adorable lab mix up for adoption at LHS. How can you resist that face??

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Home For the Pawlidays

Last week I was asked to take photos of some of the animals up for adoption at the Lexington Humane Society. The photos will be used as part of their Home for the Pawlidays campaign. Today they featured Jazz.

My friend and fellow photographer Shaun Ring talked on his blog about being thankful for what you have and giving back to others. I couldn’t agree more! I love working with the Humane Society because my pets have given so much to me, I can’t imagine my life without my crazy pack of kitties! I want to help the animals have the best life possible and I want people to get to experience the joy of having a pet(s) in their life. If you are thinking of adding a new member to your family I really encourage you to stop by the shelter or go to your nearest Petsmart to see what animals are available for adoption. There are a lot of animals looking for their forever home!

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More Pics from Wolf Run

Here are a few more pics from my second time shooting out at Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge. I didn’t have as much luck this time partially because the animals just weren’t as active. Also, I am trying really hard not to get the fence in the photos although that is difficult sometimes. I really just want to make the animals themselves shine. I am hoping to go out again in the next couple weeks to take some more photos. I still haven’t been able to get a good picture of the puma, the deer or the wallaby but I am determined! I will get those shots!


More Buddy

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Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge

Today I had the opportunity to go out and take photos at the Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge in Nicholasville with my friend Kelly. CEO Mary Kindred met us at the refuge and explained a bit about the organization and a little about some of the animals. After that we were free to roam and take pictures as we wished.


Oh my!








Pretty Wolf

Taking pictures out there was pretty amazing but you definitely have to have patience. Animals do not pose for you!There was a few puma’s out there and one was nice enough to let me could pet it through the cage. It had the cutest meow and hearing that big old cat purr was pretty frickin’ cool. I am going back on Monday to do another photo shoot so I am hoping to get some better pictures of them. The photos that both Kelly and I take will be used to help them raise funds to help run the refuge. There is a talk of a calendar in the future so that will be great!

To read more about Wolf Run visit their website.


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Our World In Pictures-Week 3

Our latest adventure for OWIP was on self-portraiture. The kids were given a questionnaire to fill out before the lesson that asked some things about themselves:

1. What makes you unique? What is the best thing or feature about yourself?

2. What features or interests about yourself make you who you are?

3. Are you into music, sports, movies? How can you show your own individual personality and character in your photos?

Juwaun said this about himself in response:

1. My personality is my best feature.

2. My imagination and my style make me who I am.

3. Yes I am into sports and I could take a picture of me playing basketball.

After the questions were answered all of the kids went out with their mentors and directed them on how they wanted their self-portraits taken. As I am sure most of the mentors are not used to having people tell them how to take a picture, it was a lesson for them as well! Here are Juwaun’s-


Track Star

Juwaun-Self Portait

Juwaun and Co.

Juwaun didn’t mention this as one of his best features but he also has a great smile 🙂


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Foster Kitten Update

Here are some recent pics of my latest batch of foster kittens.  They are almost ready to go back they just need to put on a little bit more weight. Having them around has been awesome as usual. They are quite the rambunctious little group and are constantly running around and wreaking havoc around the house. Sookie and Satine are both lickers, it’s kind of weird waking up in the middle of the night with a kitten licking your toes. I kind of have a thing with cat tongues, I think they are TOTALLY creepy and gross. The scratchiness…..*shudder* yuck!

Oliver and Ivan are big buddies. Ivan doesn’t seem to care that Oliver has a good 10 pounds on him and attacks him at will. He is constantly biting him or chewing on his tail. Oliver is surprisingly very mothering with him. He’ll lick him and clean him….and then try and kick his butt. It’s funny to watch them play together and when they cuddle up and sleep together it’s the cutest thing ever.

*Click on photos to enlarge them.

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