Don’t worry. Just the blog is moving. I am staying put in Lexington. It’s got a long ways to go but you can head over to my NEW site to check out my latest postings.


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Hello? Is anyone there besides Kelly?

So. It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted on here. In a year I have found out I was pregnant, graduated from UK (finally!!) and had a kid. I can’t believe it’s only been just over a year since I graduated. It feels like for-evah ago.

Right now I am still working at Target as well as interning with the Lexington Art league which has been awesome. I’m also trying to make a go at this whole professional artist thing. I’m currently working in a studio on ceramic stuff and am hoping to find time to get some fabric/mixed media stuff going as well. The last two days I taught a ceramics workshop at Leestown Middle school which was a lot of fun. I also have two (maybe three) weddings this summer that I’ll be shooting with a friend. I’d love to get a few more in as a second shooter if I could. I’m determined to make use of the art degree I worked my tail off for, no matter how many different things I have to do to do so!

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Vacation: Hipstamatic Style

Heath and I recently spent 8 days in Florida. 4 days on Sanibel Island and 4 days on Captive Island. Besides a minor incident with a centipede it was a fantastic vacation. All we did was eat, sleep, watch TV and swim. I brought my “big” camera with us but I’m always afraid I’ll lose or break it!  Instead I ended up downloading and using the iPhone’s Hipstamatic app for 99% of the pictures I took. Here are some of my favorites:

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Amber and Brian *Sneak Peek*

Here are a few shots from Amber and Brian’s June 12th wedding out at Good Old Day’s Farm in Midway, KY.  It had been threatening rain all day but thankfully the weather cooperated and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Stay tuned for more pics after I return from vacation!

A big thanks to my friend Kelly for getting these fun shots and for helping me out that day. She is moving back to North Carolina and this was our last wedding together. I’ll miss you, Kelly!

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My solo B.F.A. show, entitled Cellula, took place on April 16 at the Actor’s Guild of Lexington on Manchester Street next to Buster’s. Honestly I never thought that I would get there but thankfully things all came together and I felt like I made work that fun and upbeat and most of all, true to myself. For the food I really didn’t want to have the usual art school show fare so I decided to go with an all dessert spread. I made some of the goodies  as did my aunt. I ordered some awesome cookies from The Bonbonnerie (pictured below) that were made to look like my work and some lollipop on a stick gloriousness from Tinker’s Cakeshop here in Lexington.

The month and especially the days leading up to the show were pretty stressful but in the end everything turned out way, way better than I ever imagined. My family was there to see my work for the first time and I had a ton of friends come out to support me as well as fellow classmates and professors. People liked my work (and the dessert spread) and I sold about 60% of what I had made.

Thanks to my friend Kelly for taking photos while everything was going on.

Me and my love

Yummy custom cookies from The Bonbonnerie in Cincinnati. They have great wedding cakes t00!

Some details shots of my ceramic work:

And of course, the other highlight of my last few months-graduation. I finally graduated on May 8 after 9.5 years of college. I did it! Can you tell I was exited?

What was not captured on CF was the high-five that I accepted from President Lee Todd. My name was called, I put up my arms in a cheer, the crowd cheered with me and when I walked across stage to shake Todd’s hand he met me with a hand up in the air waiting for me. I couldn’t leave him hanging, now could I? It was pretty cool. Also not captured was me crying my eyes out after I accepted my faux diploma and a hug from the chairman of the art department. Right after that you were supposed to get your portrait taken but I was such a mess! Thankfully my friend Angie stepped in and gave me a hug so we are in the picture together. I’m pretty sure that I was the only person who cried at my graduation but I was so thrilled, happy and exited that I just couldn’t help it!

Ack. I know that I’ve been a bad blogger. It’s been almost a month! (Slaps hand) Bad blogger!  Oh well, please forgive me. I promise to be more consistent from here on out. I have a couple of weddings to blog and I’m heading to Florida on vacation soon so I will definitely have pics to share.

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Six years ago today Heath and I were married. We had a small ceremony outside at a country club. It rained that day but only in between the important parts of the day. We took photos, it rained, we had the ceremony, it rained again. I actually had to bustle my dress so it wouldn’t get dirty and walk on tip toes during the ceremony because my  heels were sinking into the grass. People kept talking about how it is good luck for it to rain on your wedding day. It must be true because we have been married now for six  years and I am just as in love, if not more so, as I was that day. We’ve definitely had our challenges but we’ve always made it through, somehow stronger in the end.

Here are some of my favorite pics of the day:

I don’t normally NOT wear my glasses so going without them was pretty huge for me. I usually do not like how I look without my glasses but this is my favorite picture of me. Ever. I just love it. The Tiara has since been worn by 6 of my friends and my sister and the pearls were purchased by my father for my grandmother a long time ago.

Heath and I saw each other before the wedding. We already owned a house together at this point so we didn’t see the point in following tradition. Also, if I hadn’t seen him I would have been a crying wreck!

Our wedding party: Our friend Dana, my sister, my Best Man Cameron, my MOH (who introduced AH and I), me, Heath, BM Chris, and groomsmen Gerrit and Nick. I loved having Cameron on my side, it was very scandalous to AH’s side of the family.

Heath as I walk down the aisle with both of my parents. (Check out those boutonnieres. I made those!)

Finally married! I really needed the handkerchief during our vows (we wrote our own) but every time I see this picture I think of how I should have put it down. Oh well. I just remember being so exited to kiss him after our I Do’s!

This is probably my favorite picture out of all of them. The way that he is looking at me….I love him SO much!

Heath and Cameron do the tan


One of the funnier moments of the reception. There seemed to have been some technical difficulties with the garter and he was under there for a while.

Why I felt I had to cover my eyes I have no idea, lol.

Leaving the reception.

After the reception we went back to our house and hung out together and drank. Our photographer was nice enough to join us a get a few pics.

To celebrate  we are going to head to Indianapolis for the weekend. AH goes to Indy every August for Gencon but I have only been there once. More than likely we will just hang out, shop, and eat. We’re staying at the Westin which has the best. Bed. Ever. The weather looks like it is going to cooperate so it should be a fantastic weekend!

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*Sneak Peek* Brooke and Todd

As I post this it is raining cats and dogs outside. I am so grateful that Brooke and Todd had an absolutely gorgeous day for their wedding day!

I love a sassy bridesmaid!

Stay tuned for more after all of the graduation craziness is over. Less than a week!!

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